Why I love Haxe

I’m a proud Haxe developer. Haxe has been my tool of choice since 2014, and I’ve never felt that I needed anything else. However, I have this conversation all too often, why am I not using Unity?

Rather than try to tear down Unity, I’ll explain why I love Haxe so much.

Write Once, Use Anywhere:

When you write code in haxe, it can end up anywhere. While this can mean running on any operating system, which is a major point for Haxe game engines, its a bit more than that. I wrote code for one of my games that happened to be useful for a client’s website. I just copied it over and despite that the game being native C++ and flash, it worked as is in my php server. Javascript can almost make this claim, but not when the target doesn’t have a node instance already, and Unity isn’t meant for use outside of gaming at all.

Light Weight:

If your project will span more than a few class files, the overhead of Haxe is minimal, thanks in no small part to its very powerful dead code elimination. If there is Haxe functionality you don’t utilize, it won’t be in the compiled code. This is fantastic for web games and apps where users are constantly re-downloading assets. QWOP ported to the Luxe engine using Haxe for this reason, and while engines like Unity have come a long way, its hard to beat a tech that’s been targeting the web since 2005.


Nothing is hidden:

So much of the Haxe ecosystem is open source and freely available. This was extremely attractive for me because I like the idea of being able to learn things like rendering and systems on the low level versus just using them and hoping they will work the same way for all of time!

To date, I have rebuilt engines in Haxe, and helped with the creation of the SDG engine I use every day for my RTS Framework. Things that the open source nature of the projects enabled me to dive into.

I’m a rebel (or at least like to think I am):

There is no shortage to the honest truth that I love working with an obscure language instead of the main stay of the industry. I take pride in that, but I’d never have stayed with it if not for the substance I found in this ecosystem.


The Haxe Community, which I encourage you to join, is full of great and impressive folks. I love working with these folks and the collaborative spirit they all have. I have to say I love watching the haxe.io Ludum Dare articles and seeing all the great games that are being made in Haxe each jam. It’s been a great thing to witness, especially as its been growing like a slow burning fire.

So, considering Haxe? Do! Alot of great projects are being done in Haxe. Northgard, Dead Cells, and Papers Please to name a few! Its a great tool, and it has a great community. If you want a technology that can work with almost any situation, look no further than Haxe. Remember, its makes you a rebel!

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